24 Useful Tips Before You Buy Any Gadget

1. Decide which gadget you want to use. Mp3 player? Digital camera? Brand new laptop? Maid robot? Or just furnish your apartment with household appliances?

2. Find out which function you need. Example: If you want to buy a mobile phone, what activities do you do most often? If you only use your cell phone for texting, don’t waste your money on expensive and versatile cell phones, but you won’t be using them

3. Make sure the list contains 3-5 choices. Then write the pros and cons for each element, such as function, price, technology, and design. Answer the question on the last line: is this gadget right for me?

Look at your wallet. If the budget is not very friendly, do not buy expensive gadgets.

5. Even if you are buying offline, visit online stores such as http://www.amazon.com, which have many recommendations. http://www.Cnet.com is also a good place to view comments.

6. Monitor sales of gadgets. When it is high, it is very popular. If you like trends and want to buy a reputable gadget, please buy it. However, if you don’t want to look the same as most people, don’t use this product

7. If your friends have the same friends, try it. Borrow at least 30 minutes to make a second impression.

8. Ask if the network needs a second opinion. Yahoo! The answer is a good place to ask.

9. Check the warranty. If your gadget breaks in a day, you know where to pick it up

10. Rethink the design. For some people this is important. However, if you need this feature, don’t use nicely designed gadgets

11. If you are short on money, you can wait a few months for the price to fall. The price of gadgets usually goes down, and only a few prices go up. But don’t wait too long or you’ll miss it!

12. Buying second-hand gadgets? I don’t think so, the gadget’s lifespan is too short so if you buy it, it gets damaged easily.

13. If the purchase plan appears at the end of the season, wait for the season to change, as many companies release new products in the new season.

14. Year-end sales are good, but don’t waste your money buying things you don’t need.
15. If you plan to buy online, check the reputation of the website. There are a lot of fake websites out there and they sell counterfeit products (mostly rare items and sold at very low prices)

16. If you buy a game console / handheld, check the copy of the game you like. If you like Zelda games, wouldn’t you buy a PS3, would you?

17. Don’t call the company that produces it shy. Gathering more information is necessary.

18. Like limited products, do you want to be the only one who owns it? Want to buy it imported from Japan. They like to make a lot of limited products, and there are a lot of limited edition gadgets out there. But you have to provide more money for the same product.

19. See the reviews in the magazine. Make sure the magazines you read are honest (don’t get money from the manufacturer to write good books about the product)

20. If you buy electronic equipment for home appliances, make sure it is suitable for your home. If there isn’t enough storage space, why waste money?

21. Check if it is powered by a rechargeable battery. Gadgets that require non-rechargeable batteries can waste your money. Remember how the first Game Boy Advance wasted our money because it needed 2 AA batteries every 4-5 hours?

22. Check the cover / skin material. Better materials improve the lifespan of gadgets

23. For those who like design or get bored easily, it is highly recommended to choose gadgets
Products with custom skins or skins and accessories made by many third-party companies

24. If the gadget needs to connect to the computer via USB / IR / Bluetooth, check the compatibility with the operating system. Especially if your operating system is not Windows.

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