Should You Buy Your Kid a Drone for Christmas?

Children love to play with the latest gadgets and toys. Even since the 1980s, kids and even adults are like RC (radio-controlled) cars, helicopters, and airplanes. Today technology changes with every passing day. We have a new generation of RC drones in different shapes, sizes, and types.

Therefore, if you consider buying one of these fun remote-controlled toy drones for your child, stop and ask yourself some questions first, then from the answers, you can know better if buying a drone is the best is a Good choice. I hope to know more about what kind of drone you actually buy!

When it comes to flying drones, their size can vary. Some are tiny nano drones, and some are large octorotors. Some have a longer controller range than others, and some have longer battery life and longer flight time. Some have cameras, some don’t. Some drones are very cheap and relatively cheap to replace, some drones are expensive because they are equipped with high-quality cameras and other high-tech flying equipment. Larger, heavier professional camera drones may not be what you want, drones that fly back and forth for very young and inexperienced people. Therefore, if you have a very young child, consider using smaller and more interesting nano drones, which are relatively inexpensive and cheerful, but can provide pilots with 5-10 minutes of unmanned flying fun, and let the pilot turn around 360 degrees and press a button to roll in the air.

For more grown-up kids or teens, they may need a little more complicated. Nano drones that can rotate and roll 360 times in the air have caught people’s attention, such as the Parrot Rolling Spider or the Hubsan Q4 nano drone. Even some larger quadcopters can do this. They usually have a fairly long flight time and have a wider control range, including the ability to send FPV (first-person view) back to the pilot in real time and display it on a high-quality on-screen HD camera. Likewise, many high quality flying camera drones can make your FPV fly, providing an extraordinarily unique and rich experience for pilots, especially when combined with the FPV Google carried by the pilot.

The smaller size of the nano drone is of course very cheap. Some planes are better than others and have more features and technology on board for a smooth and stable flight. Some are used only for flying, and even some nano-drones can be equipped with cameras. The flight time is as long as that of a large quadcopter. Although the latter is more expensive, the flight time is longer. The control is also more. The only problem is that large quadcopter drones are different from nano drones. Of course, if they hit a high-speed object, they can take some amount of damage depending on the object it hits and the speed at which it hits. Etc. However, the nano-drone usually hits the plane instead of bouncing like the quadcopter I’ve seen when impacted at high speed.

These are just a few things to consider. Likewise, you must also consider privacy. Protect your child’s privacy and make sure he or she protects other children’s privacy as well. While we are in a gray area regarding commercial, private and public drone flight laws and regulations in the UK and the United States, you should definitely read them carefully to understand the knowledge before using your teach children. The drone flies over Christmas, their birthday or anytime. Whether it’s a small nano drone flying out of firing range and entering someone’s yard or window, or a large quad-rotor camera or an eight-rotor multi-rotor camera drone doing the same. Usually opening windows for nano drones is rare, and your fun will be over before the battery runs out, but for large drones, if you are an inexperienced drone pilot it may never work. The novice pilot has found a difficult way out!

Keep in mind that it is illegal to fly a drone in a construction area within 500 meters of your city or park. Avoid flying drones near airports or other government or public buildings. And you must always be in sight of the drone. This allows you to see the drone with your own eyes from the operating position. And without the permission or knowledge of others, you may not take photos or record videos for others, or otherwise use them to invade their privacy. These are almost all common sense, but it is your responsibility to know before flying.

What is your budget? Today you can buy a cheap nanodrone for around £ 20 that will be just as good as many of them out there today that give you a quick 5-10 mins of flight time. For a little more, you could buy one with a camera. For around £ 50 to £ 100 you can buy a high quality camera drone with a lot of controller range distance and better flight time.

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